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Privacy Policy

The Notice of Privacy Policy describes how Nanticoke Health Services may use and disclose your health information.


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Protected Health Information (PHI)  • Uses & Disclosures of PHI


About Protected Health Information (PHI):

Protected Health Information (PHI) is information:

  • About you that may identify you
  • That relates to your past, present or future physical or mental health.
  • About health care services related to your health or condition.
  • About payment for your healthcare services.

Examples of Protected Health Information (PHI) may include:

  • Your name, address, telephone number and date of birth.
  • Your diagnosis (the condition for which you are receiving treatment).
  • Your treatment plan and treatment goals.
  • Your progress toward those goals.

For a complete copy of Nanticoke Memorial Hospital’s most recent Notice of Privacy Practices, click here.

Uses & Disclosures of Your Personal Health Information:

Except as outlined below we will not use or disclose your personal health information for any purpose unless you have signed a form consenting to or authorizing the use or disclosure. You have the right to revoke that consent in writing to:

Nanticoke Health Services c/o Compliance Office
801 Middleford Road
Seaford, DE 19973

Use and Disclosures for Treatment:

We may use your health information to provide you with medical treatment and services. It may also be used to disclose health information about you to doctors, nurses, technicians, medical students, and Hospital employees who are involved in taking care of you at the Hospital. Sharing this information is necessary for health care providers to determine what treatment you should receive. For more information, click here.

Use and Disclosures for Payment:

We may use or disclose health information about your treatment to bill and collect payment from you, your insurance company, or a third party payor. For more information, click here.

Use and Disclosures for Health Care Operations:

Your health information may be used and disclosed for purposes of operating the Hospital. These uses and disclosures are necessary to make sure that our patients receive quality care and cost effective services. For more information, click here.

Facility Directory:

We maintain a hospital directory that lists certain information about you, such as your name, room number, and religious affiliation. We may disclose this information, with the exception of your religious affiliation, to others who ask for you individually by name. Your directory information will only be given to a clergy or their representative if you desire that information be shared. If you wish to restrict this information, inform us at the time of admission. For more information, click here.

Individuals Involved in Your Care:

We may disclose your health information to people involved in your care, such as family members or friends, unless you ask us not to disclose this information. We may give your information to someone who helps pay for your care. We may share your information with other health care professionals, government representatives, or disaster-relief organizations such as the Red Cross during emergency or disaster-relief situations. For more information, click here.


Only limited demographic information (i.e. name, address) may be used by the Nanticoke Health Services Foundation to solicit support for this organization. If you do not wish to be included, please advise the Compliance Office in writing at:

Nanticoke Health Services c/o Compliance Office
801 Middleford Road
Seaford, DE 19973

Public Safety:

We may use and disclose health information about you when necessary: (1) to prevent a serious threat to your health and safety, or the health and safety of others, such as for the purposes of preventing or controlling disease, injury or disability; (2) to persons subject to the jurisdiction of the Food and Drug Administration for the purposes of product safety or effectiveness; (3) to report births or deaths; (4) for health oversight activities including audits, inspection and licensure; and (5) to report the abuse or neglect of children, elders, dependent adults, or others.

Other Uses and Disclosures:

We are permitted or required by law to make certain disclosures of personal health information without consent. Such activities include required reporting of disease, injury, birth and death, and for required public health investigation. We may release your information for any purpose required by law.