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Getting Started

Nanticoke Weight Loss is here to support you as you move through your weight loss journey. We offer a holistic approach for the treatment of obesity, coming surgery, diet education, behavioral therapy and support for lifestyle changes.

The Importance of Weight Loss

The growing number of adults and children with obesity has become a public health priority in the United States. Obesity is a chronic disease that goes beyond eating too many calories and lack of physical activity. Obesity is described as an imbalance in the signals for energy storage in fat tissues in our bodies, the excess of which causes chronic health complications such as diabetes, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis and heart disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea and even cancer.

Obesity tends to run in families, suggesting that genetics may play a role. However, family members also tend to share the same diet and lifestyle. Environment also plays a role in obesity. Environmental factors impacting obesity include what and how often a person eats, a person’s level of physical activity and behavioral health factors. Obesity can also be the result of treatable medical conditions.

Treatment Options

Treatment options for obesity vary from person to person. Our providers strive to offer the best individualized solution for each patient, including medical and surgical management of obesity. It is important for providers to address the issue early in patients that are considered overweight (BMI over 25 kg/m2 but below 30 kg/m2) in order to delay complications, prevent obesity and kick-start their journey to a healthy weight. For patients, it is important to talk to your physician about your weight and develop an intervention plan.

We will provide the support and direction to help you be successful throughout your weight loss journey. It also takes a strong commitment to the process on the part of the patient in order for the patient to have the best possible chance at long term success. The successful patient will not only lose weight, but will likely experience significant improvements in other health conditions. Successful patients enjoy an improved quality of life.

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